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Thu Jun 11

weirdest fucking freshman

aight so there is this ugly ass freshman. His name is Jemarni or Jermaine someshit like that. Well this nigga has the biggest chin ever. Nigga be looking like the crimson chin. I bet that big ass chin takes 75% of his body weight. On top of that he’s black and his mouth is huge. You could fit like 10000000000000000000 indian cocks in there or 100 black cocks there. The funniest shit is that everytime you fuck around with this kid he will chase you like a dumbass. You should just see him run. I think he runs with like 1 leg because this nigga is like crippled or someshit. And he is so fucking slow all because of his chin! If his chin was pointy he would probably run mad fast but that shit is like a rectangle mad weird. The first time i saw him i thought he had a black notebook on his face but i was wrong it was his big ass chin. I remember one time i got chased by this ugly bitch for like 30 minutes no lie. He was just screaming some wrestling moves! This kid is in love with wrestling. I bet he can become a professional wrestler and just kill everyone with his big ass chin. He probably stinks too. But i’m just so sorry I had to say this shit. ok bye hoes

Tue Jun 9


Alright so tell me how today in 1st period free i was sitting with a couple of people and i started to get the smell of shit in my nostrils…so i take a look to my left and turns out its that bitch Annai! She was talkin about how she should fix her hair up and shit. WF!?!?! you crazy bitch???you ugly as fuck anyway so no need to worry…LOL. But anywayz back on topic on some serious shit i could not stand that horrid smell so i jsut had to move. I literally got up and left the table and sat with vee….I’d rather be seen with his faget ass rather then smell that bitch annai’s smelly ass. Dayum imagine how much her pussy would stank! lol, prob smell like straight up fish LOL!

We have evidence of the wtich Maqueba Preforming witch craft on her helpless ogre looking friend…LOLZ

We have evidence of the wtich Maqueba Preforming witch craft on her helpless ogre looking friend…LOLZ

Sat May 2